• Is The Value Of Your Home Lower Than The Comps Say It Should Be? Read Here To Find Out Some Potential Reasons Why, And How To Fix Them

    If the value of a home comes in low, the location typically has a lot to do with that problem. Unfortunately, that’s not really something you can change once you own the home. But, you can avoid it if you are looking to buy a home. Never buy a house that is right near the airport, right near the highway, or nearside a university. Nobody wants to buy a house in these areas, let alone even rent one. If you’ve purchased a house in a bad location, that’s on you, and unfortunately, you’ll probably have a tough time getting rid of it. Airport-Vantaa-House-by-the-Highway

    Another reason that your home may not be selling is that you didn’t do as great a job as you thought you did when you were DIY-ing some home renovation projects. Just because something in a home was renovated or remodeled doesn’t necessarily mean that it will add value to the house. Read: 8 Factors That Devalue a Good Home.

    If the job was not well done, in some cases, it can actually lower the value instead of bringing it up. If buyers think that they’re going to have to spend a fair amount of time or money un-doing what you did, they probably will just buy a house that is “move-in” ready, where they don’t have to do anything other than unpack their bags.

    Your home also may not be selling because when you decorated, you used your personal style and tastes. Most buyers aren’t going to be ecstatic about your bright orange front door, or your floral wallpaper in the bathroom. You should make your home setting neutral when you list your home. This means, paint over the front door, rip out or paint over the wallpaper, and tone down the trendiness of the home staging. Home staging helps homes sell faster, and for more money, but only if it is done correctly. Don’t go overboard with design trends. It will only hurt rather than help you.

    Also, if you converted rooms within your house, you must convert them back. For example, if you made the guest bedroom into a nursery, you need to put it back as the guest bedroom. Buyers need to be able to see the actual purpose for a room. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a creative eye for design, so they lack the ability to imagine what a room “would look like” under many different circumstances. After all, this is why designers get paid so much. It is a skill.



    It’s possible that your house is in a crime-ridden area. Again, you can’t do anything about this. And, unfortunately, if anyone ever died in your house, you’re obligated to disclose that, legally. Most people don’t want to live in a house where someone died. Also, if you’ve got neighborhood watch signs all the way down your street, you’ll probably be sitting on the house for quite some time.

    Unfortunately, some reasons that a house isn’t selling just isn’t in the buyers control. Luckily, most of the time, you can control why your house isn’t selling. Up your marketing, enhance your curb appeal, and make any necessary repairs. Do those things, and everything else should fall into place. For further reading, check out: 5 Factors That Influence Your Home’s Resale Value, as well as the Top 10 Things That Devalue Your House.

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